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Ready to give your garage some well-deserved upgrades? Upgrading a few key elements in your garage can really boost its form and function, as well as add value to your house. Here are our recommendations for garage upgrades that are well worth the investment:

1. Flooring

Most garages come equipped with run-of-the-mill concrete flooring. A good garage floor needs to be tough to withstand lots of foot and vehicle traffic and have the ability to be easily hosed down for a quick cleaning. Upgrading to an epoxy coating or garage floor tile not only adds style and color, it’s also easier to keep clean and is more resilient to wear and tear.

2. Garage Door

The garage door can usually be seen from the curb, so upgrading your current door to something easier on the eyes will increase your home’s curb appeal. You also want a garage door that’s sturdy for home security purposes. An attractive, safe garage door is a solid investment for the long-term.

3. Storage

Practically everyone uses their garage for extra storage, but in order to make the most of this space, garage cabinets and solid shelving units are a must. Ditch the wobbly freestanding wire shelves and invest in heavy-duty garage cabinets that are deep enough to store everything from gardening equipment to seasonal decor. A good organization system in the garage is an upgrade that will make an immediate difference in your garage’s look and functionality.

4. Lighting

Most garages come standard with single bare bulbs that don’t provide much functional light. Switch to long fluorescent light strips for garage lighting that illuminates the entire space. If you have a workbench, add task lighting as well. Also make sure to include lights and light switches by every entrance to the garage.

These four upgrades seem simple enough, but they can make a huge difference in how your garage looks and functions. Just because the garage is a typically industrial space doesn’t mean you have to adhere to builder-grade basics. A little upgrading will go a long way!