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Wall Width Dimensions

Because a lot walls vary in sizes from the above your head height to your ankle height its important to take 3 different measurements of each wall!

Measurement Diagram

Take 3 measurements of each wall;

  • Near the Top
  • In the Middle
  • At the Base
  • Choose the lowest number and then enter that measurement (inches only) in the appropriate box.

    Reach-In & Walk-In Closet Styles

    From the selection below, choose the closet type and shape that most closely matches the appearance of your closet.

    Pick One Style


    Describe all obstructions on your closet walls

    Such as outlets, windows, ect.

    Door Section

    Please take a moment to choose the style of door you currently have. Depending on the doors style, it will effect the closet design.


    Pick One Finish Per Estimate

    If you would like an estimate for more than one finishes, please indicate that in the additional comments.

    Closet Item Accessories

    Below please indicate choice of Drawer Front, Handle Style & Color. In addition please check on which extra feature you are interested in.

    For a more detail description and picture of handles, accessories, hangers, and closet poles please refer to our Custom Closet Product Page.


    Handle Style & Color

    Drawer Front Style

    Handle Style




    Belt Rack


    tie Rack

    Ironing Board

    Valet Rods

    Jewelry Tray

    Hang Needs

    Misc. Needs

    Additional Comments

    Send Us Pictures of Your Closet

    Please upload any photos of your closet walls or include any sketches or designs you have done.